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Top Ten Underrated Tecmo Super Bowl Players

. Lonnie Young

He was the fastest DB in the game- and the only bright spot on the Cardinals defense.

2. Percy Snow

Once you need to give Derrick Thomas a break, this Michigan State alum should be your go-to guy for the KC defense.

3. James Brooks

One of the best running backs. Too bad his offense has, quite possibly, the worst playbook in the game.

4. Michael Carter

When you need a quick stop for the 49ers defense.

5. Jamie Mueller

This Bills fullback is one of the best kick returners in the game. Believe it.

6. Andre Ware

As good as Rodney Peete, if not better.

7. Gil Fenerty

Another great kick returner.

8. Lorenzo White

When you need a couple of extra yards for the Oiler's, he's your man. Don't use him too often, however. He fumbles a lot.

9. Ricky Proehl

Personal reasons.

10. Hart Lee Dykes

OK, so he's not underrated. But his name certainly is.

By: Todd Burns
Published on: 2002-08-19
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