Under the Covers
The Smiths

By: Mike Powell

Posted 03/15/2005 - 10:24:23 AM by hutlock:
 Good observation on those later comps looking "different" -- some of those sleeves I know for sure the Hawtry one and I believe the Hopper one as well, though I know he did do the Davalos US Best sleeves) were not designed by Morrissey, Caryn Gough and Jo Slee, as the others all were. So that explains why they look out of place -- they are! Also, the scans above for Hatful Of Hollow and Meat Is Murder are from the later CD issues -- the orignal Rough Trade cover of Hatful features the same photo, but it is framed in blue and you can see more of the man (and the tattoo you point out). The original Meat is simply four versions of the same cover shot -- also the only time multiple images were used on a Smiths cover.
Posted 03/15/2005 - 11:22:26 PM by danielboroughs:
 uuhh...shit. goddamn Powell. It's like every time i read one of your pieces, i'm learning and i'm being enriched. I don't really listen to the Smiths. I got the 'Singles' collection and it's been filed away there for sometime. i might pull it out now...and I don't know if it's 'cause of that mix of music that you gave me back in day, but i really like your work here. A great addition to the Stylus roster. Hey, i wrote to your e-mail address here @ Stylus about further things i'd like to express that might not suit well in comment posts that dovetail your feature here. whatever reaches you first, come and get me.