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Eye Art

By: Mike Powell

Posted 10/28/2006 - 10:32:05 PM by :
 Cover art is a far cry over the fairplay Act of travesty recovery given the fraternal wear & tear on the havoc-wreaking worksmiths that dictate such surface platery. The latitudinal inexactitude displayed here is far more understood than studied scholars of the Lunar Mood Turnstile Aggregate could append or self-proclaim given their reactivist & plangent insomniac album-palette conveyancing which Mike Powell pinpoints as buffoonal cartoonery, although his idea of a hieroglyph from the fucking future stands its own test; is his amorphous phorum of freeflowing sounds and catalogued chromatography really as flowery as the blues and magentas that bloom in disengaged visitations from his temporal senses? And does he announce himself as loudly and dumbly as Shasheen Bandegra proclaiming that "All moons cutlass a fast ship as bobbed ships are robbed of their silver and gold" in his voluminous enhancement to the Swingback Quarterly printed in Reykjavik's answer to Calypso two weeks ago. I present my own Cover Art ratings war by tacking on an appendium of boredoms words est anna paragonisia, antagonista. I'm a little salient over your descriptions Powell.