Kelley Polar: Here in the Night

By: Derek Miller

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 Stitched rhythms might seem a little slanted in 06 doncha think? What with the homblees shredding paper at the end of Tyurangalila and creating all the Kelly slander we read about in Popmatters. Roll over the next alt-disco fistfight of stereo-roaming and vault on another rimshot to the dreamy fragmentalised arctic ephemera this album rhapsodises its echoplexy voices to.
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 haha, George Costanza. I guess it's sad that artprogdisco just didn't happen (again). Could've been all though Arthur Russell re-ishes crowding up the shelves. I'm too busy listening to Decadance and Big Ben Tribe to care, though. Tarzan loves the summer night!/doo do doo do do.
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Posted 11/08/2006 - 07:03:06 PM by idunnowhy:
 i only got this because I clicked on "similar artists" under Junior Boys on no kidding. It's really great, though-- "Here in the night" has made it on many a dance mix.
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 Artprogdisco? Choose your words more carefully. It certainly doesn`t appear between Artpapermuse and artqueer in Vingdam`s Glossary of 10 Million Music Terms, and while I accept you have license to coin it, it seems tossed off, as though it came to you in a jiffy and you just went with. I care because Arthur Russell`s surly teeth that he keeps chattering like cartoon characters under his shallow pillow won`t ever convince a tooth fairy that his sculptural hallucinations are any more platform on the ocean than a thousand Yes album covers dripping a paisley green alchemy into a blue hourglass and explode in voluptuos experimental soundscape panting. It didn`t happen again Jesster because it never happened in the way that your insta-mind has actualised it with the proto-thought that other readers here might forthwith sensationalise.
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 Russell got the hivv and DIED. That means his music is good.

Plus, I was being facetious. It didn't ever happen. It never would. "Mutant disco" is something Other Music needs music journalists to coin so they can sell reissues and people like Kelly Polar can get years' worth of free PR from webzines. Shhhh...

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 I was actually trying to listen to World of Echo the other day and I was like "damn, I know you gots the hivv, but you're really losing it, Arty." Then I remembered they didn't have anti-retrovirals back then.
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 Facetious? Is that an adjectival form of `face`. What could it mean to be having the attributes of a face? Facial, I understand because in fact, I was being facial. I was trying to represent the curious expression on my face linguistically. But your facetiousness must be all surface and no depth, no? Is World of Echo any better than the Bedsit Disco of Calling Out of Context? Ali Akbar Kaan Biscuit Duck Car Kickbarn Black Naan Bread Niblick Man. Arty died aged 41.
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 Metro Area!
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 Calling Out of Context > World of Echo. Are you a Vitanza fan Disexists? YEARZERO:FACIALITY REDUX. If only we could get these kids to understand about capitalism and schizophrenia.