On First Listen
Kate Bush

By: Andrew Gaerig

Posted 04/17/2007 - 09:47:38 AM by shrimpy:
 I think you're complaint about Kate Bush "choosing her subjects" is more of a personal taste sort of thing. Some people like subjects songs and some people prefer feeling songs. I would say that "Lionheart" is absolutely the wrong album to introduce yourself to Kate with. When listened next to her first album, it just sounds like an uninspired copy of the first. I'd also suggest you listen to "Never For Ever" and "The Dreaming" (my two favorites) to really understand the tranformation between the Kate of her first two records and that of "The Hounds of Love". As for the comment that her records come off as sterile and scripted...yeah, it's true. That's one of those things that I have just had to get over in order to really enjoy Kate Bush, but the songs and so much of the production is worth it.