Black Moth Super Rainbow

By: Mike Powell

Posted 07/02/2007 - 12:08:35 PM by meatbreak:
 Is it possible to do another version of this? I'm sure there's a great feature about this band in there somewhere, but this definitely isn't it, and it's very frustrating. Either that, or the three times I've tried, I'm just not reading it right.
Posted 07/02/2007 - 12:30:08 PM by mikepowell:
 frankly, meatbreak, it was a little frustrating to write. what's lacking for you? i dunno, it's weird...sometimes you go into these things feeling like a story will open up, and they just don't. i don't even mean that in a poetic way. i tried, but hey.
Posted 07/02/2007 - 02:59:48 PM by meatbreak:
 Hi Mike. That's exactly the feeling that i got. When your mate said they were assholes did he just mean they come across as a bit guarded and closed? it seems like any leads that could develop were either shut down or redirected, so there's no real development of conversation and nothing gets drawn out of them. if they want to stay enigmatic and aloof then they've pretty much managed it. ilike that about their music though - I once listened to Falling Through A Field on an airplane, dosed up on red wine and was sinking in and out of consciousnedd with that on repeat. I kept coming to in different parts never quite understanding what the hell was going on, so your article goes some way to complementing that experience. i 'm not sure if they seem like difficult guys, but there's certainly an awkward strain that comes across like you're trying to make something work but forces are preventing it. My previous comment wasn't so much a criticism, hopefully you noticed that. More a reflection on the bits like this: '“We don’t. I mean, half of it’s because….” He stops himself. He sighs. I imagine him wringing his hands.' And I imagine you wringing your head shouting silently "Just give me something!!!"
Posted 07/02/2007 - 04:29:56 PM by mikepowell:
 all points taken. but, y'know, i think that being a little neurotic/shy shouldn't always be confused with being enigmatic...like, i definitely got the sense that they're sort of mysterious, but they're also people like everyone else. what my friend was referring to was some stuff they said about pittsburgh in a rolling stone interview. and tobacco said they sort of have an adversarial role in the pburg scene, but he was kind of...well, he almost sounded upset about it. it's weird. anyway, i think that the mystery of this band is overrated; what's more interesting to me is how the concept of the mystery works, which isn't as wonky as it reads (think about it).
Posted 07/03/2007 - 09:50:22 AM by J_R_K_:
 they seem like the type of band that is just hard to interview because they are not forthcoming and they don't want to ruin their crafted mystique. maybe some word association next time.