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Top Ten Songs To Play When You Want To Keep Your Neighbours Awake

By: Ian Mathers

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Posted 03/03/2004 - 06:45:32 AM by AUnterberger:
 "Rock n Roll" is so fucking great. Great choice for the capper.
Posted 03/03/2004 - 07:04:22 AM by clem_bastow:
 The cunting fucks next door are currently blasting 'Boyzone's Greatest Hits' at about 4.8 on the Richter Scale. I'm going over there with an axe.
Posted 03/03/2004 - 03:07:19 PM by grinder:
 You may want to pump out some Glenn Branca for those really pesky neighbors. They may call in the National Guard.
Posted 03/03/2004 - 03:39:12 PM by IanMathers:
 Man, we used to take my friend Pete's van down to the pizza place, open the side door, and blast 'Rock'n Roll' and Mogwai while eating slices. All the jocks hated us, but the cops never seemed to mind.
Posted 03/04/2004 - 06:08:22 AM by NickSouthall:
 Clem's such a sweet girl. We used to play Leftfield, and T Power's Self-Evident Truth... with the treble down and the bass up, at about 3am, back when we hated our university hallmates.
Posted 03/09/2005 - 07:58:40 AM by unsaunsa:
 Wouldn't mind a bit of the Aphex "Corn Mouth"/Cannibal Corpse "Shredded Humans" 1-2 punch, although the Cannibal Corpse is I admit a little overt. Could call on the Kate Bush btw. I've blasted "Waking The Witch" before to give the impression that I belong to some sort of demon possession cult, but I've not tried "Sat In Your Lap." Some say that knowledge is clubbing your annoying neighbour with a cricket bat.