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in hopes of distracting flash and dime-store romanticism, Stewart Voegtlin has delineated his station in life more than once as consisting in “a writer based in the southern United States that oscillates between hubris and despair; flirting often with half-witted art and pure unadulterated swill.” Usually, this works magnificently. Less sexy is the hard fact of doubling as an editor and a reporter for a small weekly newspaper in middle Georgia, which enforces his enjoyment of time off with great fervor.

As far as music goes, Voegtlin holds the early output of ZZ Top and Joe Walsh in the highest of regard, but loathes “Top 10 lists” and their like. He is, however, quick to pencil in a formidable list of American Triumphs:

All Time Top 10

Melville, Herman, Pierre; Or, The Ambiguities [1852]
Redrock Ginger Ale [1885]
James, William, The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature [1902]
Ives, Charles, Universe Symphony [1915]
Boggs, Dock, “Sugar Baby” [1927]
Fresh Air Barbecue, Jackson, GA. [1929]
Marx Brothers, Monkey Business [1931]
Fields, W.C., The Bank Dick [1940]
Wild Turkey, 101 proof Bourbon [1940]
Gaddis, William, The Recognitions [1955]
Coltrane, John, “Ole” from Ole [1961]
Conrad, Tony, Four Violins [1964]
Ayler, Albert, Spiritual Unity [1964]
Gass, William H., Omensetter’s Luck [1966]
Stooges, The, “We Will Fall,” from The Stooges [1969]
Fahey, John, “Jesus Is A Dying Bedmaker” from America [1971]
Taylor, Cecil, Silent Tongues [1974]
Mayles Brothers, Grey Gardens [1975]
Bishop, Elizabeth, “In the Waiting Room” from Geography III [1976]
Barris, Chuck, “The Gong Show” [1976-‘78]
Feldman, Morton, For Philip Guston [1984]
Butthole Surfers’ “Lady Sniff” from Psychic…Powerless…Another Man’s Sac [1985]
McCarthy, Cormac, Blood Meridian, Or The Evening Redness In The West [1985]
Melvins, The, “Eye Flys” from Gluey Porch Treatments [1986]
Slayer, Reign in Blood [1986]
Earth, Extra-Capsular Extraction [1991]
Borbetomagus, “Bathed in the Blood of the Lamb” from Experience the Magic [1992]
Brunettii, Ivan, Schizo Nos. 1 & 2 [1995-‘96]
Gaffney, Eric, “Cecilia Chime in Melee” from Sebadoh’s Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock [1992]
No-Neck Blues Band, Sticks & Stones … [2001]
Provenza, Paul, The Aristocrats [2005]

Blut Aus Nord - The Work which Transforms God/Thematic Emancipation of Archetypal MultiplicityDock Boggs - Country BluesBoris - PinkCornelius Cardew - MaterialTom Carter - GlyphCharalambides - LikenessRhys Chatham - Two Gongs (1971)Julian Cope - Dark OrgasmCrebain - Night of the StormcrowDavid Daniell - CoastalDarkthrone - F.O.A.D.Deathspell Omega - KénôseDouble Leopards - Urban ConcussionKevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish MiasmaExcepter - Tank TapesJohn Fahey - Sea Changes & Coelacanths: A Young Person’s Guide to John FaheyJohn Fahey - Railroad ISimon Finn - Pass the Distance Paul Flaherty & Chris Corsano - The Beloved Music Paul Flaherty - Whirl of NothingnessGang Wizard / Algebrassiere - Untitled Split 12”Ginnungagap - Return to NothingHaemoth - KontaminationHarvey Milk - Courtesy and Good Will Toward MenDaniel Higgs - Ancestral SongsHototogisu - GreenHubcap City - SuperlocalhellfreakrideAsa Irons & Swann Miller - Asa Irons & Swann MillerJoy Division - Les Baines Douches Khanate - Capture & Release Glenn Kotche - MobileKylesa - To Walk a Middle CourseLabatut - YeomanlyHeather Leigh - Give the Ashes to the IndiansLeviathan - Demos 2000Loss - Life Without Hope… Death Without ReasonMagik Markers - Captured Live(st) in Tienen, BelgiumMagik Markers - Feel the CrayonMagik Markers - BossMarduk - Plague AngelMC5 - Live at the Saginaw Theatre, 1970Melvins - Houdini Live 2005: A Live History of Gluttony and LustDaniel Menche - Flaming TonguesMoss - Cthonic RitesNo-Neck Blues Band - QvarisThe No-Neck Blues Band & Embryo - EmbryoNNCKNo-Neck Blues Band - Nine For VICTORNo-Neck Blues Band - Parallel EastersDolly Parton - Coat of Many ColorsPortal - SeepiaLori Scacco - CirclesSebadoh - IIISebadoh - The Freed ManSonny Simmons / Marion Brown - The Complete ESP Disk Recordings / Marion BrownSix Organs of Admittance - The Sun AwakensD. Charles Speer - Some Forgotten Country Sunburned Hand of the Man - The Secret in Disguise Sunburned Hand of the Man - Fire Escape Sunn O))) - Black OneThralldom - Black Sun ResistanceUlver - Blood InsideUnearthly Trance - In the RedUnearthly Trance - The TridentWatain - Rabid Death’s CurseWold - Screech Owl Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall, 1971

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