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originally a product of north-central Washington State, Mike came to the San Francisco Bay Area for college and stuck around for the nice weather. His first two jobs out of school involved in-depth analyses of English verbs, and for a while it seemed that English syntax might dominate Mike’s life work. However, music remains an integral part of his life, as his current job involves a lot of listening to a computer mispronounce artist names (though “buh-JERK” only amused him the first five hundred times he tested “Björk”). Since Mike rejects the tenuous axiomatic dogma required to facilitate a general acceptance of Marxist critical theory as applied to the emergence of popular culture in the post-9/11 Information Age, his recommendations generally take the rather structuralist form of “OMG, dis sHiNs disk will cHanGe ur lYfe!~~ LOL nat i wan B anNakiiiiNNnn.............”

All Time Top 10

Thirteen Songs That Have at Least a Vague Connection to French People or the French Language

Phoenix – “Too Young”
Polyphonic Size - “Girlscout”
Bernard Szajner - “Welcome (to Death Row) ”
Hypo - “Destino”
Daft Punk - “Superheroes”
Les Rhythmes Digitales - “Sometimes”
Tahiti 80 - “The Train”
Buffalo Daughter - “Discotheque du Paradis”
Kas Product - “Loony-Bin”
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - “Hard-Boiled Babe”
Jean Michel Jarre - “Oxygene (Part III) ”
M83 - “Run Into Flowers”
Montag - “Grand Luxe”

Ten Nice Albums with One-Word Titles

Queen - Jazz
Buffalo Daughter - Pshychic
David Bowie - Low
Harmonia - Deluxe
The Velvet Underground - Loaded
Sonic Youth - Sister
Daft Punk - Discovery
Daedelus - Invention
XTC - Skylarking
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

Apparat - WallsArchitecture in Helsinki - Places Like ThisBracken - We Know About the NeedBuffalo Daughter - EuphoricaThe Burning Paris - Half-Truths & Indiscretions: The Anthology Nick Castro & The Young Elders - Come Into Our HouseCornelius - SensuousDaedelus - Denies the Day’s DemiseDigitalism - IdealismThe Earlies - The Enemy ChorusFire Engines - Hungry BeatFog - DithererThe Fucking Champs - VIGoldfrapp - We Are GlitterHeadlights - Kill Them With KindnessJustice - †Sean Lennon - Friendly FireLichens - OmnsLithops - Mound MagnetA Mountain Of One - Collected Worksmum - Go Go Smear the Poison IvyTujiko Noriko - SoloNow It’s Overhead - Dark Light DaybreakOxford Collapse - Remember the Night PartiesPlus / Minus (+/-) - Let’s Build a FireRadio Birdman - Zeno BeachRatatat - ClassicsSavath and Savalas - Golden PollenShogun Kunitoki - TasankokaikuThe Sleepy Jackson - Personality: One Was a Spider One Was a BirdKonrad Sprenger - MiniaturenSt. Vincent - Marry MeStudio - Yearbook 1Tahiti 80 - FosburyThee More Shallows - Book of Bad BreaksTV-Resistori - Serkut Rakastaa ParemminVarious Artists - Marie Antoinette OSTYouth Group - Casino Twilight Dogs

Bernard SzajnerOn Second Thought
Kate Bush - AerialPlaying God
Kate Bush – Hounds of LoveOn Second Thought
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